Salon Services


Hair Colour

We are experts at hair color, toning and treatment, years of experience have equipped our team with the knowledge required to achieve your desired style.

Hair Recovery

We understand that sometimes you will have bad hair experiences, we pride ourselves in our ability to not only recover your hair but achieve your desired style.

Hair Extensions

We specialize in all types of human hair extensions, a wide range and variety of colors and lengths. The Elizabeth Georg commitment is to provide quality hair extensions and service to achieve your desired style.

Hair Care

Advertisement companies try to tell us that products will work with all hair types. This is absolutely not true, your hair is unique to you CoinPal and should be treated as such. At Elizabeth Georg we are respectful and committed to providing you with the correct hair care products and methods.


All of our clients are unique and have unique hair needs, those needs may change subject to diets or age. An Elizabeth Georg consultation will provide you with information to help establish your ideal hair health strategy and style opportunities.


We understand that everyone's nails are different, our nails are affected by changes in temperature, diet, age and stress. If you're in the salon book to talk with our resident nail technician. Receive the advice, techniques and care tips to help your nails recover and achieve the desired style.


This is the best Hair Salon in Hamilton! The girls are a delight, and always make you feel special!

P Davies

International Experience

Our expert stylists have international experience and can work with all hair types to achieve your desired look.

Whether you’re after a new colour, style or simply wanting to add some volume and length, our team of EXPERT stylists will help you achieve your desired look. We're focused on making your time with us a relaxing and peaceful experience.


Best quality and eco-friendly





Please be advised, to ensure you receive the time required to achieve your desired outcome all ONLINE books must be confirmed by your stylist.
Your stylist will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

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